SyncManager is unique in that it uses a flexible and interchangeable data model. This means that the platform can be used in any industry, supporting any attribute set that is required. The data model also encapsulates validation rules and business messaging standards that may be unique to a given market. This level of flexibility makes SyncManager the logical choice for any size or shape of organization wishing to employ Master Data Management (MDM) technology.

Data models are created using an open source Domain Specific Language (based on Ruby scripting) that is easy to use, simple to understand and available to everybody.

Create Your Own Data Model

SyncManager – 'Create Your Own' Data Model

When creating your own data model, you will build functionality to:

  • Capture and load existing product information from multiple sources like spreadsheets, ERP Systems, PLM applications, Warehouse Management Systems, etc
  • Organize that data in a structured way so it becomes easy to interpret and consume for the purpose of enrichment and sharing
  • Enrich records and product attributes guided by your own rules , creating workflows, approvals and alerts
  • Validate product data against custom requirements, assess levels of compliance against product category groupings or at an individual item level
  • Collaborate with other SyncManager users in your organization who are using the same data model
  • Share validated product data with trading partners using mechanisms that you define or publish direct to other users on the SyncManager platform
Industry Data Model