Industry Solutions

The SyncManager platform provides the entire application infrastructure to create product data management applications suitable to any industry. Load an existing data model to address your existing needs or create a custom data model tailored to your specific industry requirements.

SyncManager is the only product information management solution that has been built on the premise that one size does not fit all. Nirvana is always the ultimate goal, however every industry, every sector, every market and every person will have their own requirements. Different standards, regulations, policies and objectives affect the way we work. The SyncManager platform subscribes to this philosophy and provides a flexible data model structure that can be adapted to suit any product data management need. More information on current industry data models can be viewed below.

Grocery - EU1160

Grocery - EU 1169

Use this data model to get your product information compliant with the EU Food Information Regulation. Assess your readiness and publish compliant data using the GDSN and/or feed your eCommerce web site.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Use this data model if you are in the Office Supplies industry and organize your products using the eCl@ss product classification system. Publish and consume product information using BMEcat messaging.

Healthcare - UDI


Use this data model if you are a medical device manufacturer and must comply or validate data against regulations like, GS1, FDA UDI, GDSN or eProcurement. Assess your readiness and publish to trading partners.

Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Build your own industry/sector data model or copy and edit an existing one to meet specific requirements. Share and promote your data model in the template exchange.